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IYBC 2021

This page will act as the main source for information about the IYBC program, as well as the latest news and updates for those interested in participating.

Basic Information


What is IYBC?

For those that have not heard of it before, the IYBC (International Young Breeders Championship) is a competition held every two years, in which young breeder teams from different registries/studbooks from around the world come together. This is not only a phenomenal opportunity to aid in the development of the next generation of breeders but also an unprecedented opportunity for networking – making connections that may last the span of a young breeder’s careers. 

Teams compete in four components:


  • Theory

  • Conformation judging

  • Free jump judging

  • In-hand presentation

The Four Phases

Theory - This is a multiple choice test, conducted in English. There is a separate test for juniors and for seniors. The topics include feeding, breeding, stable management, veterinary care, anatomy and WBFSH Organization/International Sport.

Conformation judging - A number of horses are presented in hand, where competitors judge the conformation and the walk/trot.

Free-jump judging - A number of horses are presented through a free jump chute, where competitors judge the trot, canter, technique (front and hind legs), suppleness, scope, and general attitude.

In-hand presentation - For this component, each competitor is given a horse by the host team. Competitors will present the horse on the triangle and be judged themselves as a handler. In presenting on the triangle – competitors will enter at a walk with the horse, set the horse up in front of the judges and announce clearly the breed, age and breeding of the horse (given to them prior to memorize). When given the go-ahead from the judges, they will walk the horse away and towards the judges, then immediately begin trotting the horse out on the triangle.


Recruiting the IYBC 2021 Teams

We are recruiting for both a junior and senior team to compete at the 2021 Championships in the Netherlands. We are looking for young sport horse enthusiasts who want to capitalize on this amazing opportunity - passionate, dedicated individuals that would like to help us achieve the goal of being in the Top 5 of the world studbooks.


Juniors are 16-19 years of age as of January 1, 2021


Seniors are 20-25 as of January 1, 2021

Training the IYBC 2021 Teams

Applicants do not need to possess all of the skills listed above, although basic knowledge in any or all of the categories would be helpful. We are looking to pair applicants with trainers/breeders/handlers in their area in an attempt to build skills to create the most prepared and successful team. Once applicants have been given a mentor we plan to have them dedicate a considerable amount of time and energy to learning as many of the skills as possible. All the while supporting the applicant's progress through an online community committed to education and empowerment.

The application process is now open! Apply now by clicking HERE

News & Updates


This is the schedule we would like to adhere to going forward with team selection, however this is not set in stone and is subject to change.

March 2020 - IYBC 2021 Application process opens

Fall 2020 - Applicants will participate in the KWPN-NA keuring tour

End of Fall 2020 - Short list for teams announced for teams

Winter 2020/2021 - Teams announced

Spring 2021 - Team members meet up and practice once before the competition

Summer 2020 - IYBC 2021 Competition


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