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How to Join

Join Us!
Some of our activities require an age limit (16-30), but many of our events are open to all ages! We encourage everyone to sign up and keep up to date with what we are doing! For access to all of our events and benefits, sign up as a Youth Member with the KWPN-NA (16-30)!

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Member Benefits

When you become a member of Young KWPN-NA you're not only joining an organization dedicated to educate and engage the next generation of KWPN enthusiasts you are also getting many benefits like:

  • Access to the KWPN-NA Portal

  • Qualify for the Willy Arts Young Rider Grant

  • Receive printed Newsletter and eNewsletter

  • Eligible for year-end awards

  • Take part in the KWPN-NA Auctions

  • Attend the Annual Meeting and other activities

  • Advertise horses free on the KWPN-NA website

  • Access to Member Portal section on YKWPN website


Additional member benefits: 

  • 15% off of Riding Warehouse online and in stores

  • Universal Horse Data credit

  • Access to all of our regional events for free

  • Eligible to participate in our competitions (i.e. win a free breeding from ISF last year)

  • Eligible for our clinics

  • Eligible for our network of mentors (in progress...)

  • Free access to our webinars

Volunteer with the YKWPN-NA

We are always looking for an extra pair of hands! It is never too early to get involved; we have jobs for everyone.  Plus, it looks great on your resume!!


Email to find out where you can help out near you.

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