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Introduction to Dutch Harness Horses

by Exec. Team member Aaron Fisher

The KWPN is a modern association with a rich history. It was founded at a time when the horse was valued exclusively for its pulling power. The goals have now changed and spread out so that the KWPN-NA now has four different breeding directions: dressage, jumping, gelders, and harness horses. The harness horse is also known as the Dutch Harness or Tuigpaard.

Their breeding goals are the following:

  • The KWPN harness horse must be able to sustain competition at the highest levels of sport.

  • The harness horse moves correctly in balance with suppleness, carrying power, and impulsion.

  • The harness horse is easy to handle, easy to drive, intelligent, with a willing and hard working character.

  • The harness horse has proud self-carriage combined with specific trot characteristics: good suspension, a foreleg that moves out well with high knee action and a hindleg that comes under the body with power .

The KWPN harness horse is now being enjoyed by the North American people and there are quite a few being trained and presented by Young KWPN-NA members.

Watch this video to see harness horses being presented at the 2017 KWPN Stallion Show! Look for the characteristics listed above.

This is a slideshow of one of the DHH keurings held right here in North America.

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