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Meet your 2017 IYBC Team!

Elizabeth Evans, Ashlyn de Groot Dodge, Anna Smith and Maren Reinbold

Congratulations Team! Stay tuned for updates on their success

July 20, 2017

The competition includes four disciplines: theory, judging of conformation, judging of free jumping, and presenting a horse in hand. 

Dates: We will make the final selection for both teams at the KWPN-NA annual meeting (Lexington, KY March 2-5, 2017). If you are not able to make the meeting, there will be a way to apply for a spot on the team remotely! Those who are selected for the team will arrive in Calgary on July 19th, 2017 and leave on the 22nd or the 23rd. 


Cost: The Young KWPN-NA will pay the entry fee for both teams. Team members will stay at the Mount Royal University. Food and accommodation costs are estimated at 75 euro/day. Each studbook receives approximately 700 euro to help pay for flights. 


How to join the team: Start practicing! Let us know that you are interested by filling out the YKWPNNA Elist survey. We will keep you on the list and updated on educational opportunities from January to March. If you are on the list below, we will plan on you participating in the selection of team members at the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting in Kentucky (March 2-5, 2017). There will also be an opportunity to apply remotely if you can not make it to the Annual Meeting. If you would like to be added to this list or can no longer participate, let us know!

Erin Baecher

Katie Bunca

Leah Clement

Ashlyn De Groot

Sara Duke

Elizabeth Evans

Jessica Foschi

Sarah Heneghan

Ryan Jimenez

Shea Johnson

Katelyn Kok

Helen Claire Mcnulty

Keagan Tolman

Ayden Spencer Uhlir

Devon Vessey

The Competition: You can find details about the IYBC and the full rules and regulations at the links below. Let us know if you have any questions!  

Additional activities at the IYBC: It is not just about the competition! There are amazing events planned for you as well and an opportunity to meet young warmblood enthusiasts like yourself from all over the world! Check out some of the additional activities that the WBFSH has planned for participants! 

On Wednesday all participants arrive. On  the Thursday we will have a guided tour of the Spruce Meadows site. The championships then take place on the following  two days and  afterwards different trips are possible, for example: 

O Rodeo show/competiton (on the Sunday)

O visit to a local dressage and jumping show

O Banff National Park (Rocky Mountains)

O Working Ranch, where they produce movies as well

O Dinosaur rmuseum (Royal Tyrrell Museum) to include a fossil search 

O Visit to  the famous Buffalo Jump 

O Visit to a big modern cattlefarm 

O Visit to a breeder/stud 

O Vancouver city and Whale watching (this trip might be offered as a special option, because it will involve an extra flight and might therefore be more expensive) 

O Alternative to Vancouver: A visit and overnight stay in Edmonton (the main city of Alberta) 

Plans for the evenings of the championships include entry to college bars and discos.


We are excited to bring you this opportunity to learn, meet young breeders from all over the world, and represent our great studbook! 

Announcing the Winners! Young KWPN-NA Iron Spring Farm Breeding Competition

December 24, 2016

Thank you, Iron Spring Farm, for supporting young breeders! Not only are they donating a FREE, live foal guarantee, two year contract to the winning applicant, they are also giving TWO runner-ups half off of their stud fee! 

Thank you to all of our applicants. We hope that it was a great exercise in thinking deeply about your goals and your breeding program!


Abigail Ronco, 1st place

Kate Bruning, runner-up

Shauna Biddulph, runner-up

Young KWPN-NA Iron Spring Farm Breeding Competition

December 01, 2016

After speaking to many of you and hearing about your interests, we wanted to help you reach your goals in a meaningful way. To this end, we reached out to one of the farms that has influenced Dutch Warmblood breeding in North America more than any other - Iron Spring Farm. They have donated a FREE breeding to one of their stallions with a two year contract and a live foal guarantee! Essentially, we are giving away your dream horse!! Check out the details below - the application is due December 1st, 2016. The competition winner will be announced on December 24th, 2016.

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Start practicing!
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